Welcome to Aashish Presbyterian Church, Kathmandu!

We are one of the small churches of Kathmandu-Lalitpur area and would like you to come, visit us and have fellowship with us to glorify God! Because of our denominational name, some people put us into their stereotypical box and some are even put off! But we believe that the denominational character and the doctrinal base also help protect the believers when cults and false teachers are attempting to influence Christians and lead them astray. Doctrines may have been composed by humans and yet the elements come from within the Bible and if they cannot be supported from the Bible, they cannot be accepted. We accept that there are other Christian denominations too. And we can all sit together, pray and praise our Creator, the only God, His Son, Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit.

Please check pages of more information About Us, Worship Service, or Housefellowship Schedule so you know more about us. Come meet us in Church, housefellowships or just give any of us a call on the phone, sms or email so we can meet. If there is any point that you would like us to support you on or pray for, we will be happy to hear them.

Pastor, Mahendra Bhattarai, Tel:(9771) 4271470; Cell:(977) 9841 515578

Elder, Jeewan Pradhan, Cell: (977) 9803 007707

Elder, Narbu Sherpa, Cell: (977) 9841 503759

Email: apc@bisauni.wlink.com.np