APC Kathmandu Celebrated Women’s Day

Aashish Presbyterian Church (APC), Kathmandu, celebrated Women’s Day on March 10 in lieu of March 8 as March 10 was the nearest Saturday to March 8 for Church service. The idea was to integrate Women’s Day totally into the Church. The celebration was planned by the Women’s Fellowship with Mrs Pabita Pradhan leading […]

Christia Lahar Releases Audio Cassette

The inter-denominational youth gospel music group, Christia Lahar (meaning Christian waves), released its first audio music cassette amidst a specially organized function on 24 February 2007 at Daakhbaari Church, Bhanimandal, Lalitpur. The cassette was released by Elder Solon Karthak of Gyaneshwor Church as the Chief Guest. Students of Living Stone Academy presented a group dance […]

Christian Federation of Nepal (CFON)

A meeting of Christian leaders took place at Ashish Church, Samakhusi, on January 28 to discuss the need for a Christian Federation of Nepal where all Church groups, Christian run NGOs, INGOs, school groups, Bible/ Theological schools, Para Church organizations, evangelical organizations, generation and gender groups, interest groups and professionals could get together to act […]

Sharing on Contemporary Issues

Initiatives for Christian Studies on Contemporary Issues (ICSCI) organized its fourth sharing: “Christians in Social Service in Nepal: Opportunities and Challenges” by Dr Tirtha Thapa on February 25 at the Evangelical Presbyterian Theological Seminary, (EPTS) Lalitpur.
Dr. Thapa’s motivation for social work was based on his conviction of what Jesus said as recorded in Matthew 25 […]

The Millennium Development Goal

A few months ago some of you asked if I would include my comments on Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in APdate. I confess to have kept quiet! Not that there is not much information available but because I have very clear views on MDGs. And you may or may not agree with me!
The […]

Maoists’ “Might is Right”!

Sometime ago, one of our most respected Maobuddy intellectuals was spotted smoking in the parliament premises but, reportedly, that was acceptable. A few of our Maobuddy leaders’ bodyguards were intercepted carrying guns into Singh Durbar, premises of many of the Government Ministries, but, apparently, they were so special, no legal treatment was required on them. […]

Micah Network in Nepal: Role of Christian Organizations

The Micah Network in Nepal organized a two day consultation on the role of Christian organizations in Nepal. Rev. Mahendra Bhattarai presented his views on Christian (run) NGO’s in Nepal. He said most of such NGO’s were donor driven just as they were entirely donor funded too. The so called NGOs were not truly NGOs […]

Nepal Bible Society is registered!

Times must have changed indeed! Praise the Lord! Nepal Bible Society is registered with the name as it is! There was a time when the Chief District Officer (CDO) refused to register the organization even after the Supreme Court gave the verdict to the Ministry of Home Affairs that the CDO could register this organization.

Let us pray…

1. …for Nepal and the Nepali Churches that we study what is happening in our country, discern God’s guidance for acting appropriately and for contributing to peace and reconciliation.
2. …that ICSCI inspires us all Christians in Nepal to learning from one another on contemporary issues.
3. …the Constituent Assembly elections do take place.
4. …that the government […]