Maoists’ “Might is Right”!

Sometime ago, one of our most respected Maobuddy intellectuals was spotted smoking in the parliament premises but, reportedly, that was acceptable. A few of our Maobuddy leaders’ bodyguards were intercepted carrying guns into Singh Durbar, premises of many of the Government Ministries, but, apparently, they were so special, no legal treatment was required on them. One of our Maobuddy members of parliament actually placed his pistol in his party’s parliamentary office in the parliament premises saying he did not enter the parliament to surrender! He did get away with it as his proxies apologised! The central office of our Maobuddies Party had not, according to our Finance Minister, submitted their accounts for Rs 350 million provided for the Maoist “cantonments” (= camps for accommodating new trainees of nepali Maoists to enhance their national tactical strength) before they demanded another monumental amount. Would the graduates of the indoctrination in the cantonments be injected into the Nepal Army? Granted these incidents occurred before our Maobuddies were in government but do all these not exemplify what they mean by “some are more equal than others” or simply “might is right”? See how they are able to come into governance of the country. So, power does lie in the barrel of the gun. And since Maoists are in the government, “might is right” continues to be inspiration for all! After all it is there in the Mahabharata also.