Christian Federation of Nepal (CFON)

A meeting of Christian leaders took place at Ashish Church, Samakhusi, on January 28 to discuss the need for a Christian Federation of Nepal where all Church groups, Christian run NGOs, INGOs, school groups, Bible/ Theological schools, Para Church organizations, evangelical organizations, generation and gender groups, interest groups and professionals could get together to act on the responsibilities and to assert the rights of Christians in Nepal. The meeting formed an ad hoc committee to start Christian Federation of Nepal (CFON), to prepare its draft constitution and develop departments or subject matter sub-committees. Mr Samuel Sharma was elected Chairman, Mr Prakash Subba was elected Vice-Chairman and Dr Mahendra Bhattarai was elected General Secretary with Kaji Ratna Maharjan as Treasurer. A number of meetings of have taken place since to prepare the constitution and to motivate and mobilize Christians to start district based units who would bring together all the Christian organizations in their area to send a 10% representative and the District Chairperson and their District Secretary to the National General Assembly. The NGA would elect a General Committee of 35 persons who will in turn select from within itself an Executive Committee. The concept is in its infancy and has to deal with a number of hurdles before it can start any significant work.