Micah Network in Nepal: Role of Christian Organizations

The Micah Network in Nepal organized a two day consultation on the role of Christian organizations in Nepal. Rev. Mahendra Bhattarai presented his views on Christian (run) NGO’s in Nepal. He said most of such NGO’s were donor driven just as they were entirely donor funded too. The so called NGOs were not truly NGOs as they did not follow the real Non-Governmental approach with civil or citizens’ attitude of options and alternatives: complementary or supplementary, but were contractors for self-employment. Most of them did not have any bargaining capacity and none of them could survive without the donors’ funding. He emphasised that capacity building of human resources and assets of the organizations were the first need of the NGOs. He concluded that at present most of such NGOs were not sustainable. Dr Tirtha Thapa spoke on Christian social work in Nepal. Krishna Man Shakya of Shanti-Nepal, a UMN supported NGO run by Christians, also gave a paper on situation of Christian NGOs in Nepal.